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Late Night Strokes of Genius ;)
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the place for all the crazy ass theories you come up with when you haven't slept in a while...
this is the place to go when you've been up too late & haven't slept in a while, & you start thinking about everything lol when you start making random connections & realizations. you start coming up with theories, kinda like being stoned but without actually smoking :P

but fellow stoners are welcome too [♥]

*Also* it doesn't really matter if you came up with idea right now or years ago

it doesn't matter why you're up, let the lunacy fringe begin ;) [♥]

fyi~ this is the first time i've even toyed with the idea of a community so it's definitely a work in progress :) everything is very fluid right now so nothing is off limits or forbidden topicwise. if you have ideas send me a message or leave a comment, anyone with any experience w/graphics are VERY welcome to help with a banner/logo or something!